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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Twitter Fiction

In Tweeting a Character I showed you one way to write on Twitter. Here are some others.

Fiction: Some write short stories like 1adayhorror, some write novels like TheTwiterNovel. More than one person has gotten on Twitter and just started writing.

Haikus: Go ahead, type #Haiku in “search” and see what comes up. Haikus are short poems that fit well into 140 characters. English haikus often stretch the Japanese rules, so perhaps there are no rules, although purists might come after you.

Nano Fiction: Very short fiction. Can one cram a story into 140 characters? @VeryShortStory does it every day. There is also @TwitterFiction In fact there are online publiscations of Nano Fiction like Nanoism and Thaumtrope which specializes in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.

Mass Twitter Fiction Event: I’ve seen @Mousewords and @ZAmmi doing this. They will type #TFE and start improvising a story with whoever wants to join in. Nice writing exercise. I’ve also seen #TwitFic. Here is more on it Mass Twitter Fiction Event. Also see @masstwitfic, @SF_TwitFic and @MTFHorror.

Real Time Classics: A bit like Mass Twitter Fiction, except you have several people tweeting as various characters from a novel in their own adaptation. Both of these have finished, but it will give you some idea: Real Time Dracula and War of the Worlds (Twitter site: wotw2)

Temporal Tuesday: Maybe I shouldn’t mention this one since I started it--by accident. Everyone was begging Wendell to take them away in his Time Machine, so I started #TemporalTues. Everyone got a time machine, without all the nasty restrictions Wendell had to put up with. I figured everyone would tweet a few “I would go to…” but people began writing stories of their adventures into the past. And #TemporalTues is into it’s 32nd week as of this writing! You’re welcome to come along. Rules for Temporal Tuesday Or swipe the idea and start something of your own.

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Twitter Fiction

Some projects:
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See also my lists (I will be adding to these over time)
Twitter Fiction
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The ways to write on twitter are as limitless as your imagination.
I expect to see comments below filled up with what I didn’t mention.

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